Floor tile

In recent years, the quality of ceramics and porcelain products in particular has improved considerably. It is now possible to manufacture tiles with all kinds of appearances, from a natural stone look, through a glass look to leather, the possibilities are numerous.

Among ceramic tiles, stoneware slabs are the strongest and most durable tiles on the market. They are also resistant to chemicals and abrasion and therefore suitable for both wall coverings and floor surfaces.

Natural stone

The variety of natural stone is unmatched. Whether marble, granite or slate, natural stone always exhibits a unique color and texture. By calling on a qualified person for the installation of natural stone, you give an exclusive and personal touch to your indoor rooms or your outdoor installations.

Mosaic, borders, decorations

Mosaic, borders, decorations

Even in Roman times, mosaics were a very popular decorative element. Many floors and some walls of upscale residential buildings were decorated with it. Today, mosaic borders or decorations used in combination with tiling on the wall and floor give your interior an elegant and classic touch, but above all, timeless. The mosaic exists in a wide variety of different designs and materials and can be covered with glass glaze, for example, or be entirely made of glass or stone.


  • Sale of tiles, natural stone, mosaic and installation material

  • Italian showers

  • Measurement, order and delivery of the tiles and / or natural stones of your choice

  • Use of corner angles for clean and neat finishes

  • Installation of tiles, natural stone and mosaic

  • All kinds of renovation work related to tiling

  • Leveling and balancing of wall and floor surfaces

  • Small preliminary work such as dry construction and screed work

  • Built-in bathtubs and shower trays

  • Effective sealing of wet areas (elastic seals)

  • Sale and delivery of tiles and laying equipment

  • Demolition and waste disposal

  • Bathroom renovations

  • Evacuation and disposal of our waste (old plaster, old tiles, etc.)

  • Renovations of terraces and balconies

  • Application of gaskets and silicone

  • At the end of the work, the renovated parts will be left in a suitable and clean condition.

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